Saturday, 15 August 2015

Free League Of Legends Giveaways

You probably know by now that Unranked Smurfs is the best place to buy a LoL account (or if not, see here to find out why it is) but did you know that we also do awesome giveaways?!

This month we're giving away $25 of free RP (Riot Points), but it changes each month. It's always something League of Legends related though (why wouldn't it be?!). Best of all, our giveaways are totally free to enter!

What are you waiting for? Enter today for the chance to win some awesome LoL themed prizes and show off to your friends on the rift.

Good luck!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Why buy a lol account from Unranked Smurfs?

You might have seen our last post on why you should consider buying a LoL account (if not, check it out here), but why should you choose Unranked Smurfs as the place to buy your LoL account from? Good question! Let's take a look.

1. The highest quality accounts around.
It's simple - our accounts don't get banned. We are the ONLY account seller who uses our unique combination of levelling strategies to get you accounts that are 100% safe and secure. In the event that your account did get banned (and this has never happened, even during the massive ban waves where most other LoL account sellers got hit!) then our lifetime guarantee means you get a replacement, for free.

2. Lifetime guarantee included - FOR FREE!
Yup, our lifetime guarantee is totallt free with all our accounts. This guarantee covers your account for it's entire life, meaning that if you ever get banned through any fault of our own (issues with production, bans due to faulty geo-ips in the production process etc) then we'll give you a new account, no questions ask. Pretty cool! This doesn't cover you if you flame or hack though so bear that in mind before you start being toxic to other players on the rift!

3. We take security seriously. Very seriously.
When you buy from us, you're trusting that we'll look after your information well and not let anyone else access it. Our website is secured with TLS 1.2 SSL encryption - the latest available encryption technology. We only use PayPal to process orders so that we never have access to your payment details. Oh, and we store nothing except your email address (to deal with any support requests), and we'll even remove that too if you want. Most other League of Legends account sellers don't take security seriously at all, and that's worrying.

4. INSTANT delivery!
Most LoL account sellers claim "instant delivery" but they actually just email you the details... and it can take a long time. Our site is different. Once your order is processed, your League of Legends account details are displayed instantly on the screen in front of you. Pretty cool! We also email you a copy as a backup just in case you need it.

5. Our customers love us.
Don't just take our word for it though, check out the review page on our site to see what our customers are saying. We use CustomerSure, an independent review platform, to verify that all reviews are from real and genuine customers. Every review we get goes up on there - good or bad - for everyone to see, because we believe in being fully transparent.

Convinced? Buy a League of Legends account from Unranked Smurfs today!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Why buy a League of Legends account?

So you've seen a League of Legends account for sale and you're thinking "Why would someone buy one?". You know what, it's a perfectly valid question - and one we're more than happy to answer! Let's take a look at the reasons people might buy a League of Legends account.

  1. It saves a LOT of time
  2. It lets you play with friends
  3. It helps improve your skills
 Let's break each point down in further detail.

1. Buying a League of Legends account saves a lot of time. In fact, our research shows it can save over 400 (yes, FOUR HUNDRED) hours of time by purchasing an instant level 30. Why go through the boring 1-30 process again, playing against noobs and not improving your skills when you could just instantly be level 30. If we take price in to account, levelling your account manually is worth 5 cents ($0.05) per hour.... your time is worth more than that, right?!

2. Maybe you're ranked in Diamond and your friend is Silver. Thanks for Riot's new rules, you guys can't play together. That's not fair! By buying a smurf account you have access to a totally unranked account, letting you guys play together again. Hurray!

3. It helps you improve your skills. A lot! When playing at your normal ELO you become complacent and start making the same silly mistakes again and again. However, by starting again from the bottom of the ladder you get to iron out these mistakes in games you'll most likely carry. You can also practice new champions without hurting the ELO/MMR of your main account - something you'll find very useful!

If you do buy a League of Legends account make sure you buy from a reputable seller. At Unranked Smurfs we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our accounts and take your security very seriously, something that all account sellers should be doing.

Welcome to Unranked Smurfs

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Look forward to hearing from you soon - have lots of fun on the rift!

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